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There is pretty much nothing I like more than travelling, well maybe my kids… maybe…

Below are some links to tips and photos from my favourite holidays. If you are planning similar trips you might find them useful.


Italy – 21 days Exploring Italy

Venice  –  10 Things to do in Venice

Rome – Visiting Rome – tips for 5 days in Rome

Rome –  Rome – 10 places not to miss

Paris – Planning a Perfect Week in Paris

Paris – Top Tips for your Paris Holiday

Florence – Things to do in Florence: Italy’s Renaissance capital

Amsterdam –10 things to do in Amsterdam  

London  – 10 Things To Do In London


Hanoi – Hanoi : a perfect introduction to Vietnam

Halong Bay – 2 Days in Halong Bay

Penang – Food in Penang 


Others travel related articles

Travel Scrap-booking 

Kid’s Travel Diary Ideas


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