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Sydney Photos 30 days

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A Review of “Sydney – 30 Locations in 30 Days” e-book by Rob Potter

If you are anything like me finding places to capture great photos of the cities you visit is high on your agenda.  I have written about the best places to take photos in Sydney before but today I have something new for you. Recently I received a copy of Photography HotSpots newly release e-book ” Sydney –  30 Locations in 30 Days” by Rob Potter.  If you have an interest in photography and have not come across Rob’s site before I highly recommend a visit. Make sure you have plenty of time because it’s a gorgeous site that will keep you busy for quite a while!

Anyway onto the book – I was keen to review it because even though I am very much an amateur one of the first things I do when planning a visit to a new city is hunt down the best photography locations. To help visitors to Sydney I have written a couple of posts on photographing Sydney Harbour  – but Rob’s book does it so much better than I could.

Besides including over 120 breathtaking shots of my hometown, the book has a tonne of really useful information and interesting facts about Sydney. Over its 122 pages, he covers 30 great spots which include the well-known classics you would expect like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi beaches but then goes a lot further than your guidebook will add less clichéd takes on Sydney Harbour that will leave you with shots that are more unique.

There are plenty of spots included that you are less likely to uncover on your pre-trip research and some new perspectives on old favourites that even locals will enjoy.   Each location includes detailed advice on the main features you can capture, several example shots, details on the best time of day to visit and even advice on public transport and parking.

If you love photography and are planning a visit to Sydney or even a keen local who wants the motivation to get out and take more photos this book really does include the best Sydney photo locations. You can click here to view more details on the book and decide if it’s right for you.  The book has really inspired me to get my camera out even though I am not travelling.  In fact, I am planning on spending 2015 visiting all 30 spots!

Here are a few more images from the e-book


Sydney Photo Ebook Best places to take photos in SydneySydney - 30 photo locations in 30 days

How do you research photo locations for your travels? What do you think is the best place to take photos in Sydney?

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