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Choose A Way Sydney – My New Guidebook

UPDATE: 4/2/18 My ebook is currently unavailable while it is being rewritten to bring it into 2018.  I expect a new book to be out mid-2018 

I have finally written my first E-book. This is something I have thought about doing for a long time but had postponed because I had struggled to choose a format. I wanted to do something different to the existing guidebooks. When I first came across the Choose a Way series I was intrigued, these books were perfect for the non-planner, the traveller that liked to do things on the fly, the exact opposite of most guidebooks. Don’t get me wrong; I love guidebooks – I own a bookcase full of them, but not everyone is as much of a planner as I am. That is why I felt this series had something unique to offer. There was an element of fun in planning out your day as you go, but there was enough depth to the content for me to feel comfortable with the idea of not having a pre-planned itinerary.  They are like those choose your own adventure books that were all the rage in the 1990s where you decided how the story developed as you read it. I knew straight away I wanted to do the Choose A Way Sydney book. Lucky for me the series founder and editor Chris Backe agreed and gave me the opportunity to cover Sydney for him.

How do the Choose A Way guides work?

In this series, you are presented with three options at a time depending on what point you decide to begin your day. This allows you to choose what you feel like doing then and there. Once you make your choice, you are given details on the attraction along with the transport information you need to get to your location. At the end of your visit, another three options are presented for your next stop. I love the sense of adventure, of planning but not over planning – choosing what to do each day as you go depending on your mood, the weather or big the night before was! There is also a Google map of all locations and a full list for those who want to dive in for a little reading before they hit the road.

This video explains it better than I can

The process of writing the book took a lot longer than I thought it would. I have been showing people around Sydney for more than 20 years, so I figured it would be easy. I gave myself a month – it took just a bit longer than that – OK quite a bit longer 😉

Even though I have visited all the places in the book several times I wanted this book to be perfect so I needed to revisit them all.  To make sure things were still as I remembered, to confirm directions, add any new highlights and take new photos. I have to say this part of the process was a lot of fun – it gave me a reason to catch up with friends and get them to help me to play tourist in my own city every weekend for the last couple of months.

So finally after many weeks of hard work the Sydney edition is available on Amazon.

Choose A Way Sydney by Paula Morgan


So what sorts of places are included in Choose A Way Sydney?

Good question… the book offers a cross section of Sydney’s best sights; suburban strolls, beach, and bush walk, museums, ferry rides and a few bars and dining options for when the sun goes down.

Here are a couple of examples.

Cremorne Point Walk
Find the spot Sydney’s impressionists chose as their base on a walk around the harbour foreshore.

Explore the gorgeous architecture and old pubs of Balmain

Glenmore Hotel
Or grab a sunset drink at an old Sydney institution.

All up there are 40 places to explore and hundreds of ways to construct your days.

You can download your copy of Choose a Way Sydney from Amazon for approx US$6.99.

If you don’t have a Kindle don’t worry – there is a Kindle app for almost every phone and tablet that will allow you to read it on any device.

What is your favourite place in Sydney?  Let me know below and if it’s not already in the book perhaps it will make the next edition 🙂

Disclaimer: I use Amazon.com regularly and recommend it to my readers (as well as any of the books mentioned here). This page contains affiliate links to the books available on Amazon.com, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission without any extra cost to you.

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