Free Maps and Tourist Information in Sydney

Ok so you have arrived in Sydney and you have a rough idea of what you want to do but some up to date information and a map would be handy right?  Well NSW Tourism has two large visitor centres, and to compliment these, two convenient City Host information booths that are ideally located to pick up some brochures,  a map or glossy free Sydney guide while you are out and about.

It is worth your time getting your hands on one of these Sydney Guides because along with some excellent information and really handy maps, at the back of the book there are 2 pages of vouchers.

The Rocks Visitors Centre

Tourist information in Sydney

The largest centre in The Rocks, has a ton of free information on offer. It’s particularly useful for anyone planning a road trip or extensive travel around Australia because there are free guides to most of the main cities and towns around the country.  Staff here can also make bookings for tours and answer questions.   Don’t miss the gift shop if you are looking for some more unusual souvenirs too.

The second, smaller centre is in Darling Harbour just around the corner from the IMAX cinema.  Both are open 9.30-5.30pm daily (Except Christmas and Good Friday)

The City Information booths are located at Town Hall and Circular Quay. The one pictured above is on the corner of George and Bathurst Streets.  To be honest I asked the staff some questions and they not as knowledgeable as I had hoped but the printed info they have is great. The second booth is on the corner of Pitt and Alfred and the gentleman here that I spoke to was great.

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5 thoughts on “Free Maps and Tourist Information in Sydney”

  1. Is it possible to send out copies of your “I” free maps, I am interested in the Bellingen area.
    Graham Lang

  2. Hi Barbara – There are tourist information centres with paper maps etc across the city. Try the Rocks or Central Station if that is convenient. If you are after something specific I can probably find you some PDF version you can print at home.

  3. We are wanting tourist info in paper format for Sydney.
    Hop on buses and other places of interest, excursions a wee bit outside the city too
    We are there for 5 nights April 16 to 21

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