Opera Bar New Year’s Eve Review

Should I go to Opera Bar Sydney on NYE?

Short answer….. YES!  If you have the money then I say do it.

Opera Bar is one the most expensive places I have spent NYE at about $300 per person. For our money, we got an amazing view, a buzzing atmosphere and a few canapés.  Drinks were pricey but that did not seem to stop anyone having a good time.
It was a few years back and while I loved it then I am not sure I would enjoy it as much these days. In my opinion, Opera Bar is a perfect NYE venue for the 20-40yr olds who are happy to dress up and unless you get there really early,  stand up. Tickets sell out very quickly most years so join their mailing list to be the first to know when they go on sale.
My friend Edit went along last year and shares her review of NYE at Opera Bar 2017 here.
Image: via creative commons
Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me that night. I have a policy of leaving it at home when going to bars, after losing 2 I have had to accept wine and losing my belongings are somehow linked. So no photos of my own to share sorry this time but I have managed to find one above to give you an idea of the view.
My Tip: Get here as early as you can and nab one of the tables at the front of the bar. Oh and forget about how much it costs and have a good time!


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  1. the operA house New Year gala 2016 is too expensive and also absolutely no worthy….they sale too many tickets and too crowded… my family were very disappointed… we pay $600 person and we don’t even deserve a chair… the food was raw meat little hamburgers… drinks champagne and sodas ….we could not see the fireworks too many people obstruct the view.. I recommend do not go , no matter the review said about it… It’s not fair they sadly steal your money..,

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