12 Great places to eat brunch in the Hills District

There are lots of places to eat brunch in the Hills and today we are going to share a dozen options for delicious food, great coffee and a weekend breakfast option for all tastes.

The Hills District may not be an iconic tourist destination but this suburban region, about 30km west of the Sydney CBD, offers plenty of dining options. Today Hills local, Hayley of The Sydney Food Hunt, shares her favourite spots to head to for a delicious brunch in North West Sydney.

This is the ultimate guide for where to head on a Sunday morning when in Sydney’s north west. My list will help you find the best flaky, buttery croissant, the best smashed avo you’ll find anywhere in Sydney and the best places to get your coffee fix in the area! While my camera seems to love capturing the sweet treats, don’t worry there are plenty of healthy choice on these cafe menus for those of you with good willpower!

Getting this list to a manageable number was a challenge. So, without further ado, please meet my finalists! (In no particular order!)

Good Fella Coffee, Norwest

Good Fella Coffee is a relatively new, small, industrial looking coffee shop right opposite Norwest train station. Even on weekends it is pumping with Hills’ locals looking to get their coffee fix, made by the trendiest and happiest baristas in the Hills.

This joint is renowned for their variety of bagels, as well as their freshly baked pastries and treats on display each day. (Gluten free options available!)

Good Fellas Norwest

It’s so loved by the locals that the menu includes their own line of merch, you might just see someone sporting as iconic ‘Good Fella,’ hoodie in the winter.

If you are looking for a trendy, hipster place to get your NY style bagel and coffee fix, then this is the spot for you!

MUST TRY: Sweet Boy Bagel!
Where: 5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista 2153
When: Sunday breakfast!

The Brook Eatery, Cherrybrook

When the Brook Eatery opened in the quiet neighbourhood of Cherrybrook, it bought with it a new level of elegance to a corner shop cafe.

This café is open all day, but my favourite time to visit is breakfast, when they serve up some of the finest brekky burgers around and, being such a quiet neighbourhood, waking up with a coffee at The Brook is great to sit down for a nice and relaxing moment.

The Brook Hills Brunch
The Brook Hills Brunch

Decked out with beautiful leafy décor, the tables and chairs add very Parisian café vibes. (French toast anyone?) For those of you looking for good Instagram worthy food, make sure you check out the brunch options here.

MUST TRY: Breakfast Burger, Brekky Tacos, Snickers Dream Shake!
Where: 41-47 Shepards Drive, Cherrybrook 2126
When: Breakfast for sure!

Frankie’s Food Factory, Glenhaven

Frankie’s Food Factory is considered a bit of an institution to us Hills locals. Located inside Glenhaven’s ‘Flower Power’ store, with the garden feel through the café itself.

The open indoor/outdoor space is nestled right on a pond and provides a ‘home away from home,’ vibe, where children can feed the ducks in the pond, and draw on the paper tablecloths while parents relax with a coffee and a great breakfast!

Ok not exactly healthy breakfast food but so pretty!

This café is not only designed for the kids, their menu also sprouts a number of taste sensations that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Frankie’s also known for their ‘out there’ desserts and drinks, and they truly know how to impress. See pictured, their White Hot Chocolate Pink Flamingo drink to see what I mean!

MUST TRY: Butterscotch Banana Pancakes, Chorizo Hotpot & their Maple Iced Latte!
Where: 609 Old Northern Road, Glenhaven 2156
When: Breakfast or Lunch!

The Vintage Pantry Secret Garden, Galston

While they technically consider this place to be just outside the hills, I’m going to include it because it’s right on the border and because absolutely I love it, it’s a hidden gem!

This café is another where the kitchen staff are hustling all day, opening for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m undecided on what time of the day I enjoy coming here the best, but for this article, let’s chat brunch!

The name of this café is really on par with its atmosphere. You enter through a cottage like building, and walk through the ‘back yard’ of the space and are welcomed by the most beautiful garden and water feature, where overgrown, leafy vines entangle themselves in the garden roofing. It really is an experience not to be missed.

Vintage Pantry

I have tried so many breakfast dishes here and have loved every single one! Special mention to their dish called ‘The Secret Garden,’ pictured above, which is an edible garden in a pot made with vanilla panna cotta, strawberry coulis, lemon curd, seasonal fruits and topped with chocolate soil and chocolate rocks – yep, you read that right!

MUST TRY: The Secret Garden, Honeycomb Ricotta, Mezza Board.
Where: 353 Galston Road, Galston 2159
When: Breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Tuckshop Coffee, Glenhaven

The painted sign on the wall as you walk into Tuckshop Coffee really says it all – ‘Welcome to GlenHEAVEN – Where it’s not the city and you couldn’t care less!’

The café is small, but it ticks all the boxes, being right next to a large oval and playground for the kids, so a lot of the loyal customers bring along a picnic rug and enjoy their conveniently boxed takeaway brunch meals and coffee in the sun.

Tuck Shop Glenhaven Brunch Hills
Tuck Shop Glenhaven for a healthy brunch in the Hills

Tuckshop Coffee provides cup trays, napkins and takeaway cutlery, because they know just what their customers like! This café is owned by local Glenhaven legend and NRL superstar Nathan Hindmarsh, and you might just see him picking up his coffee with his dog in the mornings!

What I love about Tuckshop Coffee is that their menu changes with the seasons, meaning that each time I go to grab a bite to eat, there’s always something new for me to try!

The ‘Tradie Roll,’ is something that never changes, and good thing too, the tradies LOVE it! Now, while I can’t build a wall, but I can certainly agree with the tradies in saying this is one bloody good brekky roll!

MUST TRY: Cheese Toastie, Brunch Bowl, Coffee!
Where: 78 Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven 2156
When: Brunch/lunch is awesome here!

Hidden Jem Café, Kenthurst

Another café with a name that absolutely fits the profile. I was hesitant to put this on the list as it’s one of my all-time favourites, and I have been going here since I was in high school, so did I really want to share it with the world?! Well, who am I to gatekeep, you need to check this place out!

Decked out like a soft, tropical oasis this venue is pure bliss! This is the ultimate Sunday spot for girls with a menu to match. The owner Jem has thought out every detail and it has really paid off.

Hidden Gem Hills Brunch
Hidden Gem is a local favourite in the Hills Brunch

The Big Breakfast here is my favourite big breakfast in all of Sydney, and you can definitely tell that all the ingredients at Hidden Jem’s are fresh and of high quality.

I also must note that Jem has curated her menu to include so many delicious vegetarian and vegan options!

MUST TRY: Big Breakfast, Chocolate Berry Waffles & Jem’s range of Shakes!
Where: 4 Nelson Street, Kenthurst 2156
When: Weekend brunch!

Glenorie Bakery, Glenorie

If you want to come here, you better pick a good time! If you mention this name to just about anyone in the Hills District, I can almost guarantee they’ve visited at least once!

On arrival, you will more than likely see some cycling groups, mother’s clubs, families, tradies, young people and everyone in between! I mean it when I say everyone loves Glenorie Bakery, and with good reason too!

Glenorie Bakery Hills District
Glenorie Bakery

The bakers here know their stuff, and cook up a range of sausage rolls, pies, pastries, bread, donuts and so much more! Over Easter, I recently picked up their newest creation – the Nutella and Biscoff stuffed Hot Cross Buns, and boy were they a treat!

Glenorie Bakery also has a fun outdoor area with a kid’s playground, and on the weekends usually have a live band or singer playing for the customers, making this a fantastic place to spend your Sunday morning.

Glenorie Bakery also has a sister venue called The Bakehouse in North Kellyville.

MUST TRY: Brisket Pie, Cronuts and the classic Sausage Roll!
Where: 930 Old Northern Road, Glenorie 2157
When: Weekends – rain, hail or shine!

The Local Trade, Kellyville

Once upon a time I had a job working in the same shopping centre as The Local Trade, and I remember walking down the internal service corridors with my belly rumbling because of the amazing scents that would come from the kitchen here. I might have pre-packed lunch for work, but that didn’t matter, The Local Trade took my money every time, and did I care? Absolutely not! So. Worth. It.

Local Trade Hills District
Local Trade Hills District

The locals love this place because it’s right opposite the shopping centre playground for the kids, is pup friendly for all the fur babies, and does a cracker hot brekky without fail, every time.

This café also does specials to celebrate different occasions, which makes for a really fun visit, such as Easter Egg Hot Chocolate, takeaway Mother’s Day brunch hampers, and they hide Mr Elf on the Shelf at Christmas time!

MUST TRY: Acai Bowl and the Grilled Halloumi Toastie (yep, that’s right – yum!)
Where: 90 Wrights Road, Kellyville 2155
When: Saturday mornings are a blast here!

The Borrowed Table, Kellyville Ridge

Do you love Instagram foodie pics? Then this is certainly the place for you! Walking into The Borrowed Table is like walking into another world – and a beautiful one at that.

Borrowed Table Hills Brunch
Borrowed Table Hills Brunch

The Borrowed Table serves a great meal too, but my favourite thing about this place is the treats they bake in house and serve each day. It’s worth following their Instagram page as they regularly post what they are baking in house at the cafe!

Recently, I was lucky enough to pick up a couple of their freshly baked Lemon Sponge with Mascarpone Cream muffins – which are so delicious warm!

MUST TRY: Freshly baked treats, Detox Mango Smoothie
Where: 8 Merriville Road, Kellyville Ridge 2155
When: Weekdays are a bit quieter so you can enjoy the scenery!

Bobby Bakehouse, Dural

This find is a relatively new one for me, Bobby Bakehouse is on a main road in the heart of Dural, and it’s easy to see how loved it is by how many people turn off into their carpark as you are driving down New Line Road. This spot has a really cool, retro vibe the Hills didn’t have before Bobby came along.

Doughnuts Bobby Bakehouse Hills district
Doughnuts Bobby Bakehouse Hills district

Bobby Bakehouse is an outdoor café that almost looks like a pop up, that has a bit of everything – from donut van to delicious hot coffee to something known as the ‘pie bus,’ (you’ll just have to visit to find out…) This place can even be rented for events!

The culture here is awesome, the staff are nice and friendly, and they even have a section where they sell other good from other local producers like Bilpin Apple Juice, and some of the delicious treats I wrote about earlier from Glenorie Bakery.

MUST TRY: Hot Cinnamon Donuts, Pie with Mash and Gravy
Where: 238 New Line Road, Dural 2158
When: Mid morning for some fresh, warm weekend goodies!

XS Espresso, North Kellyville

Some of you may be familiar with XS Espresso from other parts of Sydney, but us Hills locals got pretty dang excited when we found out they were hitting North Kellyville a few years ago!

Nowadays, it’s known as the place you want to go to when you are feeling extra, extra hungry, and particularly if you’re craving sweets…

Xs Expresso Hills Brunch
Xs Expresso Hills Brunch

XS Espresso is home to some of the craziest brunch meals and drinks you will probably see ANYWHERE in Sydney. From loaded thick shakes, to baked cookie dough skillets to extreme waffles, they’ve got it all. I think it’s every kid’s dream to spend their birthday here! Just check out the pictures below!

If you aren’t into all that crazy sweet stuff, then don’t worry, XS didn’t forget about you – they’ve got plenty of healthier options on the menu as well, my favourite being the Shakshuka served with the best sourdough!

MUST TRY: Ricotta Hotcakes, Next Level Waffles, Biscoff Beaut XS Shake and the Original Cronut Shake (sugar rush, am I right?!)
Where: 10 Hezlett Road, North Kellyville 2155
When: Any day. Any time. (Epic!)

The Local Shed, Rouse Hill

Last, but most definitely not least on this list is The Local Shed in Rouse Hill. Built inside an original house building, with plenty of green grass surrounding the kitchen with plenty of picnic tables big enough for the whole family.

The Local Shed is dog friendly, with a plethora of space to play fetch, and mingle with other pups if you desire!

Local Shed Hills Brunch
Local Shed is a great pet friendly brunch option in the Hills

Rouse Hill is quite a busy hub in the Hills for shopping, dining and drinking, with most of that taking place around Rouse Hill Town Centre. The Local Shed is a few blocks from all the hustle and bustle and provides a space for a quiet Sunday brunch.

You’ll notice that this local cafe is a popular with cyclists who wind up their weekend ride with a coffee and breakfast burger.

In terms of the menu, you really can’t go past their brekky wrap, which is called the ‘Wrap in the Shed.’ Scrambled egg, bacon, hash brown, spinach, hollandaise sauce, cheese all wrapped nicely into a pita wrap! What more could you want?

MUST TRY: Wrap in a Shed, Breakfast Falafel
Where: 16 Bellcast Road, Rouse Hill 2155
When: Weekend brunch!

Have we missed any of your favourite places for brunch in the Hills? Head over to our Facebook Group and share your tips with the group.

About the author: Western Sydney based creator, Hayley Tighe, runs The Sydney Food Hunt and aims to source and highlight the best food and drink across Greater Sydney to share with other Sydneysiders and visitors on Instagram.

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