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Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach Walk

Sydney Self-Guided Walks

This easy bushwalk from Athol Bay at Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach follows the northern side of the harbour shoreline. With pristine bushland, tiny harbour beaches,  an old naval base and several fantastic lookouts this is the perfect walk for anyone need a bit of time in the great outdoors.  …. Continue reading

Historic Sydney Campbells stores The Rocks

The History of Sydney for Visitors

Trip Planning

A crash course in the history of Sydney for visitors. I believe that knowing a little bit about the background of the places you are visiting can help you to develop a deeper appreciation of them. Today I want to share a short history lesson with you to give you …. Continue reading

Advice for planning the perfect Sydney trip

Grand Pacific Drive Stanwell Tops Bald Head

Exploring NSW Grand Pacific Drive

Sydney Getaways
Sydney to Wollongong via the Grand Pacific Drive – NSW’s Answer to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria (193km return to Sydney) This weekend away starts with one of Australia’s newer tourist routes, The Grand Pacific Drive. Officially the drive starts about 30km north of the city centre at the entry to the Royal National Park and continues all the way to Kiama.  This weekend we decided to explore the northern section and took our .... Continue reading

A Central Coast Getaway to Ettalong

Sydney Getaways
Escaping Sydney for a Central Coast Getaway is the perfect way to relax and refresh. It is also so easy you will wonder why you have not done it before. Just 80km north of Sydney’s CBD is a little piece of paradise known as the NSW Central Coast. The fact that it can be easily reached by car or train in under 1.5 hrs makes it ideal for a short getaway. You could easily spend .... Continue reading

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