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Sydney Harbour fireworks Ferry view

New Years Eve in Sydney for Beginners

NYE in Sydney

If you are planning on being in Sydney for the first time and maybe only time this NYE  you are probably keen to get your plans sorted. Consider this a beginners guide to New Year’s Eve in Sydney’. So let begin with some of the decisions you are going to …. Continue reading

Sydney Harbour Cruise on a tall ship

Should you book a Sydney Harbour Cruise?


It’s a long debated topic in Sydney travel forums… Should I take a harbour cruise in Sydney? Which cruises are the best?  Is it really just as good to take the ferry? Well, the ferries are great but there are some fantastic cruises too. Read on to find out which …. Continue reading

Sydney Harbour Pylon Lookout - Sydney Expert

How to Walk Across The Sydney Harbour Bridge


The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the iconic image of Sydney that has been beamed across the world since it opened in 1932.  Every traveller goes home with at least one photo of it, and if you are anything like me several 🙂  So along with admiring it from afar, what is the best way to …. Continue reading

Top 10 Small Bars in Sydney


This guest post on small bars in Sydney was written by our friend Katie from The Accidental Australian. Katie has shared her take on the top 10 small bars in the city. It’s always hard to write a top 10 list, and if you believe we have missed somewhere really …. Continue reading

Obsevatory Hill tree

The Best Picnic Spots in Sydney


We are fortunate in Sydney that we surrounded by so many beautiful parks and gardens that offer great picnic spots.  Even in winter packing a picnic and getting outdoors is a great way to spend an afternoon. Here are some well-known and some hidden picnic spots in Sydney that I enjoy …. Continue reading

Plan the perfect NYE in Sydney

Beyond the wharf NYE cruise
NYE in Sydney

Beyond the Wharf NYE Cruise Sydney

In 2015 for the first time in a very long time, I spent NYE out on Sydney Harbour  I received two complimentary tickets from Beyond the Wharf for their inaugural New Year’s Eve cruises. I am a huge fan of spending time on Sydney ferries so was interested to see what .... Continue reading

Choosing your Accommodation

Street Art in Sydney

Newtown Street Art Graffiti Mural
Street Art

Inner West Self-Guided Street Art Walk

If you like Street Art, you will love this self-guided Inner West Street art walk through St Peters, Enmore, and Newtown.  A word of warning, this is not a short walk, the whole thing will take you a good half day or longer if you stop for eats. If you …. Continue reading

Georgia Hill 2017 Mural Mary Street Newtown
Street Art

A Short Newtown Street Art Walk

This Newtown Street art walk is perfect for anyone with limited time who wants to check out some of the newest murals in the area.  There is also some pretty great food to sample along the way!  When you think about street art in Sydney one suburb immediately springs to …. Continue reading

Trip Planning Advice

Trip Planning

Tips for Taking the Sydney Airport Train

Taking the Sydney Airport train to the centre of the city is a good option for most visitors and one of the quickest ways to get to the CBD. Solo travellers and couples will find the airport train cheaper than a taxi, and it is a pretty straightforward trip if you are staying in …. Continue reading


A Guide to Using Sydney Airport

Arriving in a new city after a long flight can be challenging and let’s face it almost every trip to Sydney Airport is a long flight!  I have put this Sydney Airport guide together because having some information about what to expect at the airport will make your arrival so …. Continue reading