10 Sydney Food Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

Sydney food on instagram

Whether you live in Sydney and are looking for new places to eat or planning a trip to an unfamiliar city, following some good local Sydney food bloggers on Instagram can be a great way to discover new places to eat and drink. Updated: June 2018

I trawled through my Instagram feed to put together my 10 favourite Instagram foodies. A few notes on this collection, firstly it’s not exhaustive, these are the people I follow and it’s also likely to be biassed as I mainly follow those who are based in the CBD, inner west and eastern suburbs, the main places I eat.  Regardless, if you love food these 10 Sydney-based accounts are going to inspire you to get to Sydney and start eating ASAP.  So here goes in no particular order my favourite Sydney food igers.  Apologies for the food images at the top of the page – they are my own and as you can see I have not mastered the fine art of food photography!

1. TheJugernauts 

This is my go-to when I am looking for a bar or night out on the town.  Jugernauts covers all the new hot spots and lots of really delicious, but often decadent, food and drinks. He is also really honest in his reviews and when I follow his tips they are spot on.


2. philsosophyy

Philip Lee and Anthony Wales are behind the gorgeous images here. They cover a good range of suburbs and types of food. From the cities best Japanese food to awesome burgers their images will have you heading out for a meal before you know what hits you.

3. A Man And His Sandwich

Great options here for budget travellers who still want to try lots of great local food without breaking the bank.  A Man and his sandwich is one man’s quest to find the world’s best sandwich and lucky for us he lives in Sydney so there is lots of focus on home. Along with his great images, I really love the written reviews.

4. Breakfast in Sydney

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and what I love about this account is these guys obviously feel that same way I do and they are not afraid to mix it up.  A huge variety of breakfast from the healthiest looking paleo style concoctions to dessert for breakfast!

5. Sydney Food Theory

Sydney Food Theory (also have a Brisbane offering) is a pretty slick operation that features lots of the best new food and openings in Sydney and they have this lamb photo which I totally love!

6. Isaac Lai (iFat)

Isaac (iFat) according to his blog is not fat, which is surprising when you look at the burgers, doughnuts and other sweet treats on his Instagram feed.  These noodles tick all the boxes for me. If you are feeling like something decadent to eat this is a good place to start.

7. Eilxrrr

Eileen has been sharing her dining experiences via her blog and Instagram feed for over 2 years and she takes some really pretty photos – I eat at a lot of the same places but somehow my photos never look as nice.  Possibly because someone has almost always taken a bite before I get myself organised enough to take pictures.  I need to train my dining companions better I think.


A photo posted by Eilxrrr (@eilxrrr_) on



Johnny Bhalla is behind the sugar highs at dessertified. Browse this stream at your own risk.

9. Simon Food Favourites

Simon has been taking amazing food pics for a long time and has 31K loyal followers on Instagram that he has built up over a long time with consistently honest reviews. He also a fab FB page.   I have followed lots of his advice and his reviews are always spot on for me. He is your man if you are looking for the cities best oysters or coffee!

10. I’Still Hungry

I think this is my favourite food blogger name.  I’m Still Hungry is the work of Micheal Shen. His Instagram feed has plenty of variety with possibly more burgers than are good for him 😉 He also refuses #sponsored posts and pays for all his meals.  Make sure you visit his blog for detailed reviews of lots of Sydney cafes and restaurants.

Want more? Check out hashtags like #sydneyfoodblogs, #sydneyfoodbloggers, #Sydneyfoodie and #Sydneybreakfasts

Do you have a favourite Sydney food blogger on Instagram? Share their feed (or your own) in the comments below.


  1. Hey
    Thanks for sharing a huge list of Food Bloggers but i think following you all above them. By the Way I am a huge follower of yours.

    • Hi Dave
      I am not sure if they have “botted accounts”. I listed these bloggers because these are the accounts that I personally like and follow. Do you some you would like to suggest are worth adding to the list? Even my own account gets a bunch of spammy looking comments that I do nothing to encourage, sadly it seems the way Insta works these days.

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