Sydney City Supermarkets

If you are travelling on a budget or have recently moved to the inner city then finding a supermarket in Sydney to buy some basic supplies is a great way to lower your everyday costs.

Where to find a supermarket in Sydney city area

Food costs are one of the biggest budget killers on an extended holiday. If you can save some money on the basics and make a few picnic lunches, then you will have more to spend on special things like a nice restaurant or a Bridgeclimb. Hunting down a supermarket is on the top of my list when I arrive for an extended holiday. Along with stocking up, I also love seeing the different types of food in each county. After years of there being nowhere within the CBD to buy affordable groceries, Sydney is now home to at least six supermarkets. They are usually hidden away below street level or above train stations so can be a little tricky to find. All these shops tend to mark down stock at the end of the day, particularly on Fridays so try visiting then if you are on a tight budget.

Woolworths Town Hall – Park and George St Sydney

Woolworths Town Hall by John Campbell CC licence
George St (Cnr Park St) – just above Town Hall station.

Spread over four floors Woolworths at Town Hall is the biggest supermarket in the centre of the city. In the basement, you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, a deli, meats and hot snack foods. On the ground floor are more snacks, drinks, and toiletries. The upper levels offer homewares, basic clothing, and an internet cafe.
If you are in a hurry, try to avoid 5-6pm when office workers drop in to do last minute dinner shopping. The store opens daily until midnight.

Coles World Square

George Street (CNR of Liverpool St) Another large store, you will find all the basics here along with a deli, fresh fruit and vegetables and a good range of meat.  Right next door is a large Asian supermarket with a selection of hot ready to eat food and lots of cakes.

Coles Express

George Street (Cnr of King Street)

A decent size store with a good range of ready meals – perfect for travellers in apartment style accommodation. This branch also has a liquor outlet – the cheapest spot for beer and wine in the middle of the city.

Coles Wynyard Station 
Coles Wynyard
Wynyard Station concourse – level 1
This shop is much smaller, but with a good selection of fruit and vegetables and fresh meat.  The negative here can be the long queues, but they move pretty quickly.  A great place to grab a picnic lunch before you head off to the Botanic Gardens.

Woolworths – Met Centre

Woolies Met Centre
Lower Ground Floor – Met Centre Wynyard Station








An almost full-size supermarket with a great range of ready meals, snacks, and salads. This is the biggest supermarket after the one at Town Hall. It’s just a couple of minutes walk to The Rocks and Circular Quay so good for those staying in that part of the city. Opened Monday to Friday at 6 am and Saturdays at 10 am. The store closes on Sundays so look for good markdowns on Saturday before they shut at 4 pm.


If you are really on a super tight budget check out Paddy’s Market down at Haymarket for the cheapest prices on fresh food in the city.
For a full shopping mall experience, the nearest mall is at Broadway about 10 mins by bus from the city centre.
Check opening hours and locations on the store’s websites Woolworths, Coles and IGA 

Do you like exploring supermarkets in foreign cities as much as I do?  What’s the strangest thing you have seen in a supermarket in another country?



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  1. I used to do my grocery in George St because it’s close to home lot’s of choices.

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