Finding Free WiFi in Sydney

Finding free wifi in Sydney is not too difficult. However, it seems strange, but you are more likely to find free wi-fi in your $20 dorm room than in a 5-star hotel.

Below is a list of free internet in Sydney. Let me know if you have found any places I have missed. 

When I first wrote this list back in 2011, it was short, very short. These days finding wifi is much easier, but please remember that your privacy is not secure on these connections, and we do not recommend them for banking or secure transactions. 

Free Wifi in the city centre 

For downloading some free apps or your email, my first choice would be the Apple store. The wi-fi here is fast and free. You will find it at 367 George Street in the city.

Westfield Shopping Centres – All Westfield centres offer free wifi – 3 hours connection and 1GB of free data each day. The most useful locations for travellers are Sydney City in Pitt St Mall and Bondi Junction. 

The Galleries Victoria – Another shopping centre at Town Hall offers its visitors free wifi access for up to 12 hours per day!

Customs House Library – Located directly opposite Circular Quay, the library offers free internet access via library computers as well as free wifi, as does the State Library on Macquarie Street. 

Sydney City libraries – Branches in Kings Cross, Surry Hills, Darling Square and Green Square offer unlimited free Wi-Fi. 

McDonald’s restaurants – like most countries, Maccas in Australia also offer free wi-fi. I have had good and bad experiences with these; sometimes, they are so slow it’s hardly worth buying a coffee to use it.

Wifi in Sydney on Public Transport and at the Airport 

Sadly there is no wifi on Sydney buses or trains, and on some train lines, even the 4g network disappears every so often. There is, however, wifi at both Central and Circular Quay stations. 

Free wifi on Sydney ferries – unfortunately, this is limited to 30 mins or 30 MB (twice a day), but it’s handy when you are out on a ferry anyway. 

Sydney Airport – Free wifi is available in all airport terminals. I have tested this a bunch of times, and it works well most of the time. There are also free internet kiosks in the International terminal. Check out our airport guide for more.

Free wifi in Sydney at the beach

Bondi Beach, Bronte and Tamarama – You can access free wifi with a download limit of 512MB and a time limit of 3 hours in a 24 hour period. Get the details here

Manly, Collaroy and Dee Why – Northern Beaches Council offers free wifi along these beaches. Wifi is also available to Manly Wharf and along the Corso. 

Attractions with free wifi 

Sydney Opera House – You can access wifi throughout the Opera House and its bars and restaurants. 

Art Gallery of NSW – Wifi is offered throughout the gallery – they don’t publish the limit, but it is likely the same as other spots in the city. 

Taronga Zoo – The wifi here is handy if you want to use their apps but have not purchased sim cards for the whole family. 

Need wifi in the suburbs – check this map 

Should you get portable wifi for your visit to Sydney?

If you are travelling in a group or with your kids, it can be worth getting a portable wifi device to share your connection. These devices cost between $7 and $10 a day. You can have them delivered to your hotel in Australia or your home country or pick them up at the airport.

Check out Portable wifi options for Sydney 4G WiFi (VN Delivery) for Sydney, Australia

Or search for sim cards on Klook.

If you are planning an extended visit to Sydney, I recommend you consider buying a mobile broadband service. You can compare current mobile broadband plans and decide which service will suit you best.

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