Where to find free wi-fi in Sydney

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Finding wi-fi in Sydney is not too difficult but free wi-fi is a little harder to come by.  It seems strange but you are more likely to find free wi-fi in your $20 dorm room than a 4-star hotel.  Below is a list of free internet in Sydney.  Let me know if you have found any places I have missed.

For downloading some free apps or your email my first choice would be the Apple store… Wi-fi here is fast and free.  You will find it at 367 George Street in the city.

Free wifi on Sydney ferries – unfortunately, this is limited to 30 mins or 30 MB (twice a day) but it’s handy when you are out on a ferry anyway.  A similar service is offered at Circular Quay Station but I have not had any luck with it.

Sydney M10 bus – (Leichhardt to Maroubra)  45 mins or 30MB

Customs House Library – free internet access via library computers as well as unwired broadband

Sydney City libraries – More Sydney libraries with “unwired” internet

McDonald’s restaurants – like most countries Maccas in Australia also offer free wi-fi.  I have had good and bad experiences with these..  sometimes they are so slow it’s hardly worth buying a  coffee to use it.

Sydney Airport – Free wifi is currently available in Terminal 2 at the domestic airport. According to this review in LifeHacker it’s pretty good.  There are also free internet kiosks in the International terminal

If you are planning an extended visit to Sydney I would recommend you consider buying a mobile broadband service.  You can compare current mobile broadband plans and decide which service will suit you best.

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