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  • Sunburn, rain, shopping and customs

    5 things to know before you visit Sydney

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing. How often do you arrive in a new city and think gosh I wish I knew…. The number of people that arrive in Sydney in September and are shocked that they need a jumper always surprises me, or those disappointed by the shops being just after dark most days. Today I share with you 5 …

  • Walks in Sydney

    Sydney Walking Tour Apps – Part 1

    Do you love to walk? Everytime I start planning a holiday to a new city the first thing I do is hunt down self-guided walks or free walks.  I really think the best way to discover a new city is to hit the streets, for me walking around a place is the best way to get a feel for it. …

  • coles supermarket sydney Darren.notley CC-BY-3.0

    Sydney city supermarkets – save money on your visit to Sydney

    Where to find a supermarket in Sydney Food costs are one of the biggest budget killers on a long holiday. If you can save some money on the basics and make a few picnic lunches then you will have more to spend on special things like a nice restaurant or a Bridgeclimb. Hunting down a supermarket is on the top …

  • Finding bargains in sydney

    Where to find discounts for Sydney Attractions

    There is no denying it, Sydney is an expensive place to visit!  Transport, food and entry fees add up quickly so I thought I would highlight a few ways you can grab a deal save some $$$ on your visit to Sydney. Free Sydney Guides Follow my blog with Bloglovin First up make sure you grab all the free tourist guides that you …

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Three sisters Blue Mountains

A Blue Mountains Tour or DIY by Public Transport?

by Sydney Expert in Day trips

Should you book a Blue Mountains Tour or Use Public Transport? If you have 3 or more days in Sydney chances are you are going to consider going to the Blue Mountains. A day out to see the Three Sisters is the most favoured day-trip for visitors to the harbour city. For good reason, its world heritage listed wonderland that …


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Free things to do in Sydney

  • NYE View Mrs Macquarie's Point

    Mrs Macquarie’s Point, the dress circle seats for the Sydney fireworks. If you are trying to decide if you should spend New Year’s Eve at Mrs Macquaries Point read on. I have seen in the new year from this spot 4 times and have tried here to cover the main things you might want to know to help you decide …

  • Sydney Opera House from Cahill Walk

    Want to get that postcard photo of Sydney? Even for amateur photographers it is really not all that hard, the harbour is so incredibly beautiful that all you need is a point and shoot camera (or your i-phone) and a sunny day. Granted sunny days have been in short supply so far this year but when the sun is shining it …

  • Mrs Macquarie's Folly

    Exploring the Public Art in the Royal Botanic Gardens A few months ago my office relocated just a block from the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and since then I have spent many lunch hours strolling around the garden rediscovering how beautiful it is.  Along with all the trees and flowers and beautiful harbour vistas there are 55 sculptures scattered around the …

  • Artist: Patrick Mung Mung Ngarrgoorroon Country (2006)

    5 Free Guided Tours in Sydney

    07/12/2011 // 0 Comments

    Every traveller knows that at some point on your holiday the money starts to run out. Finding free things to see and do on your trip is a bonus because it means you can save your $$$ for the really special things a city has on offer, like a Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb or watching a performance at the Opera House. …

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