Milson’s Point Walk to Lavender Bay

View from MacMahons Point Ferry

This Milson’s Point walk is a nice relaxing stroll that only takes an hour, longer if you stop, sit and soak up the views. It’s great to combine with a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Highlights include:

  • Luna Park,
  • North Olympic pool – the pool with a view,
  • Wendy’s Secret Garden at Lavender Bay, the perfect place for a picnic.

So let’s begin.

Milsons Point

Begin at Milson’s Point. You can take the train to Milson’s Point Station or a ferry from Circular Quay to the Milson’s Point Wharf.

Milson's Point Wharf and Luna Park

Once you arrive the decisions begin unless you are in a hurry head right and walk along just past the eastern side of the bridge for this lovely view below.

Kirribilli Point

Then you could:

Visit the North Sydney Olympic Pool for a swim with a view.

This art deco inspired complex opened in 1936 and hosted events from the Empire Games.  Entry costs $7.30 for adults and $3.60 for kids.

Nicki Mannix North Sydney Olympic Pool


Try out the rides at Luna Park

It’s tempting to walk into the big smiling mouth to see what he is so happy about.  If you have a bit of time, why not, entry to the park is free – you just pay for the rides you choose

Luna Park North Sydney

Luna Park opened in 1935; it is one of only two amusement parks in the world that are protected by government legislation. Take a ride on the big Ferris wheel for some great photo opportunities

Luna Park Sydney Clowns Milsons Point

or try your hand at the old school games like these gorgeous clowns.

Now let’s go find that garden

Begin by following the harbour edge past Luna Park and around Lavender Bay

Lavender Bay Lavender Milson's Point Walk Sydney

Lots of small boats are moored in this part of the harbour, and there is a great view back to the city. This side of the Bridge is a good place to get a shot with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House together. You can continue right around to Blue’s Point if you like.

Lavender Bay North Sydney on the Milson's Point Walk

Just near the water’s edge, you will see a brick tunnel that leads to Clark Park and the secret garden.

Wendy Whitely was the wife of famous Australian Artist Brett Whiteley. She built the garden as a memorial to her husband and daughter.  It is a beautiful place for a picnic, some meditation or to sit and read a book. Try to visit on a weekday if you want the place to yourself. If you would like to see more of Brett’s work one of his most iconic pieces, and my favourite, The Balcony, is in the NSW Art Gallery

There are lots of nooks and crannies throughout the garden so you can find your own little piece of solitude and shade. We are indebted to Wendy for building and maintaining the fantastic garden. In 2009, she was awarded an Order of Australia medal for her work here.

Wendy's Secret Garden Lavender Bay

This walk takes about an hour and a half if you stop to take photos on the way.  If you walked at a decent pace non-stop, you could do it in under an hour.

What do to next?

When you finish exploring the garden you can head back to Luna Park Wharf you can catch a ferry to Circular Quay or even Darling Harbour. If you have some energy left I recommend walking back to the city across the bridge.

Not ready to go home yet?  If you fancy a drink to finish your afternoon off, you could try the Kirribilli Club between the garden and Luna Park or The Deck back near the wharf. Continue to the eastern side of the bridge and around to Kirribilli for some more views of the Opera House.

If the dates coincide you might like to visit the twice-monthly Kirribilli Markets held just outside the station.

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  1. How long would it take seniors to walk from The Quay Cahills Express lift to Wendy whitelys garden. Distance?

    • Hi Josie
      It’s about 3.6km so non-stop would take about 45 mins but probably more like 1.5 hours with photo and rest stops. As long as they have no mobility problems, it should be okay. Consider the Pylon museum if they can handle stairs. I have taken a 75-year old up with me, and she just rested a few minutes on each floor.

  2. I love a good walking tour! This has inspired me to do some walking around my own city (Philly) – although it’s snowing right now, so I might wait for it to warm up a bit 🙂

  3. What a perfect place to take a stroll on a beautiful day. With the breathtaking views of the opera house and the bridge, you can’t go wrong. Hopefully, I will make it to Sydney some day and take in all the beautiful sights!

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