12 Great Places to Propose in Sydney

Postcard view Sydney from Mrs Macquarie's Point
The view from Mrs Macquaries Point

If you are in Sydney on a romantic holiday and have decided that it’s time to take the plunge this list written especially for you. These 12 places are all perfect spots to propose in Sydney. If you are not quite ready for that step they still make super places for romantic date nights.

1. On a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

Over 2000 people have popped the question at the top of this Sydney icon. It’s an excellent choice as long as you know your partner is not terrified of heights!  The staff at Bridgeclimb will need to be in on it so they can keep the ring for you till you get to the top as you are not allowed to carry anything at all when you climb. Oh, and if you are the shy type don’t worry they can arrange a bit of privacy for you at the right time.

bridgeclimbers close up

2. Bondi Beach at sunrise

What could be more romantic than watching the sunrise over the water at Bondi? It really is pretty magical, and if you get cold feet you can continue onto the Bondi to Coogee walk and propose over drinks at the end! Check this link for Bondi sunrise times.

Bondi Sunrise

3. Mrs Macquarie’s Point at sunset

If you are not much of a morning person how about the end of the day. Mrs Macquarie’s point provides another pretty postcard spot that is sure to impress. Unlike the Royal Botanic Gardens, next door this area is open 24 hours a day. You can check sunrise and sunset times right here.

Sydney Bucket list sunset

4. Dining with a view

Consider Level 36 at the Shangri-La Hotel or Cafe Sydney, 360 Degree Dining at Sydney Tower or O Bar in Australia Square or Quay in the Rocks for some super special occasion dining. The view of the harbour with the bridge and Opera House sparking away below is bound to help secure a yes!

Sydney harbour view at night

5. Kayaking on Sydney Harbour

If you are outdoor types, you might like to rent a kayak from Rose Bay or Manly and head out onto the harbour. The guys at Manly can also book a private picnic on a deserted beach for an extra special touch and even list a proposal picnic in their offerings!  Worried about all the harbour traffic – then you can book an organised ride through Middle Harbour.

Propose in Sydney on a Kayak

6. On the Spit Bridge to Manly walk

This is a beautiful 10km walk – giving you plenty of time to work up the courage to get the words out and lots of perfect vantage spots along with way. It is also relatively quiet during the week so great if you are a little shy and would prefer not to have crowds ogling you as you voice the words.

Spit Bridge to Manly track is a perfect spot to propose in Sydney

7. At Observatory Hill

Pack a bottle of wine and a small picnic and head to the rotunda on Observatory Hill behind the Rocks. It’s not usually as busy as some other harbour spots, and you can stop for a drink to celebrate in one of the Rocks pubs on the way home.

Obsevatory Hill tree

8. In Wendy’s Secret Garden at Lavender Bay

Even the name sounds romantic right. Although it’s a bit less of a secret these days this pretty water-front garden in North Sydney is a gorgeous place to pop the question. You can also book to be married here.

Secret Garden Lavender Bay

9. On a Sydney Harbour water taxi

You can rent a water taxi to take you out on the water – like a private boat.  When you are making your booking, let them know what you are up to, and they will be able to suggest some suitable spots.

10.  At the very beautiful Palm Beach (aka Summer Bay)

Palm Beach aka Summer Bay might be the perfect spot if your prospective fiance is a big Home and Away fan.  Regardless it is an absolutely gorgeous spot at the end of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and if you head up on a weekday you will easily find a patch of sand to yourself.  Travelling on public transport might kill the romance so if you don’t have a car consider booking a private tour.

11. On the Ferris wheel at Luna Park

All the fun of the fair at the Ferris Wheel with a view! If you want to up the ante there are some great dining options under the bridge.

Ferris Wheel at Luna Park is a fun place to propose in Sydney

12. In the air over Sydney Harbour!

Choose between a helicopter flight over the Sydney Harbour or Bondi Beach or a Seaplane flight proposing in the air over Sydney Harbour is guaranteed to impress, might be a good idea though to check how your partner feels about small flying machines first though!

Sydney Harbour from above

Do you have another suggestion for where to propose in Sydney that I can add to the list? I would love to hear it

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  1. Ahaha, your post is perfect, just before Valentine’s day !!
    I am not in Sydney, but I can still send the link to my boyfriend right ?

  2. I love your post. My daughter lives in Sydney and is not married. I will refer this to her. So many beautiful places! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such great ideas here! I particularly like the bridge climb and secret gardens. Personally, I proposed to my wife in the vineyards of our favourite winery.

    • Florence is very romantic. You could always visit Sydney and declare your love again lol 🙂

  4. If I wasn’t single and I found a special woman who I wanted to propose to, I’d choose either dining with a view of Sydney harbour or Spit bridge. Although during the 10 km walk I’d be very nervous! I think I’d go for the dining option.

    • My husband proposed to me on a walk – I was not in the mood to go but he seemed so keen in the I finally agreed. Poor guy was so nervous. I think the restaurant is a great idea

  5. All these would be magical places for a proposal! My fiance proposed to me last September at Disneyland in California. It was so wonderful, and I still get so happy everytime I think about it!

  6. Omg!Such a lovely post and that too before Valentine. I’ve noted some of these places in my bucket list for next year. Thanks 🙂

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