Connecting with Country: An Indigenous Sydney Street Art Tour

Indigenous Street art in Sydney featuring an Aboriginal Flag

Sydney’s Indigenous artists are the source of some of Sydney’s best street art. And while it can seem as if Sydney’s concrete and commercialism have erased Aboriginal presence in the city, the city has a proud and ongoing tradition of Indigenous visual art. These 20 works tell stories of resistance, both individual and collective, to … Read more

Berry Island Reserve – Gadyan Track

Berry Island Reserve is one of my favourite secret Sydney spots. Located just 2km west of Circular Quay, this tiny island is one of the best examples of what the land around Sydney Harbour would have looked like when the British arrived. The short walk along the Gadyan Track introduces the Aboriginal history of the … Read more

Learn More About Aboriginal Culture in Sydney

Aboriginal Flag in SYdney

You don’t have to wait till you get to the outback to begin learning about Australian Indigenous culture.  Sydney has several sites that will give you the opportunity to learn more about Australia’s Aboriginal heritage and the First Nations People of Sydney Harbour. Before we begin, let’s get some background. Six Commonly Asked Questions About Aboriginal … Read more