Where to find Affordable Luggage Storage in Sydney

If you have arrived on a brief stay and need to find easy access to luggage storage in Sydney, you have come to the right place. Whether you need to find somewhere to store your bags for a few hours or a few days, we have checked out all the options in Sydney city and inner suburbs below.

Luggage storage in Sydney has been hard to find and rather expensive for years, but last few years several players have popped up to offer luggage storage locations across the city where you can store your bag at a very reasonable price.

If you are staying in a holiday rental, it’s hard to check in early, and luggage storage becomes one of the first challenges you face on arriving in Sydney.

The Rideshare of Luggage Storage – How does it work?

Since 2020, several companies have developed apps that let you find luggage storage based on your location.
Most of the operators store bags in vetted local hotels and shops. They choose locations based on their accessibility and the security they can offer for your belongings. Many of their locations have extended hours; some are open 24/7. All bookings must be made online, which gives a record of your booking history.

Can you store your luggage at the airport?

Luggage storage is available at both the Sydney Domestic and Sydney International Airport. This is pricey, but it is the best option on a short layover or transferring to a domestic flight, and you are planning to head straight to your flight home after your short Sydney layover.

Smarte Carte operates the luggage storage service at both international and domestic airports. Although it’s a 20-minute train ride in each direction, at least your luggage is already there, and should there be any sudden change of plans; you can rush back to the airport without lugging your bags around. It’s not a bad option if you’re arriving at 6 am, as it’s a little sacrifice of time and very secure.

Can you store your luggage at Sydney Train Stations?

Sydney now has luggage storage at its intercity train station, Central Train Station. Passengers travelling on NSW trains can usually check luggage in early (free) in the morning for a later departure that day, but if you are not going on a country train that day you cannot access early check-in.

Central luggage storage

Our guide to Sydney’s public transport ticketing will help you work out the best way to pay your fares.

Where can you store your luggage near Circular Quay?

A popular question for those of you heading off on the many cruise ships that visit Sydney each year. Yes, there are a few options.

The Smarte Carte outlet in the Rocks is currently closed, but there are several services like Stasher, UseBounce, Luggage Hero and Nanny Bag with options in Circular Quay. Likely all the same places with similar prices so just chose once close to you.

Is there any luggage storage near Town Hall Station?

Stasher has locations right by Town Hall station. You can book online here. Prices start from $8 per day, including insurance for up to $1000. They are adding new vetted hotels and shops across the city, so there will be even more choices soon.

What is the long-term luggage storage solution?

Another option for long-term storage I have found is at CBD Storage at World Square Shopping Centre. These guys only charge $33 a month, and the daily cost is $11. You can also use this service short term.

Are there any lockers that are accessible 24 hours a day?

Many locations are open 24/7, to accommodate many itineraries. The cost is from $8 per day and you can store for as long or as little as you like. Furthermore, all some even include insurance up to $1000.

Stasher offers luggage storage all across Sydney CBD: Central Station, Town Hall Station, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, as well as Surry Hills and Bondi Beach. 

Who would you recommend?

You may have guessed by now I am a big fan of Stasher, it’s such good value, and the added security of knowing your luggage is insurance makes it a no-brainer for me.

If this is your first visit to Sydney our Sydney public transport guide will help you work out the best ways to get around.

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19 thoughts on “Affordable Luggage Storage in Sydney”

  1. My ship is arriving in Sydney in the morning, my flight isn’t whilst 7pm
    Where would the best place be to store my luggage please until I need to go to the airport
    Thank you

  2. I would probably take my bag over to the international terminal and leave it with the left luggage service there so that it is at the right terminal for your departure flight. There is a free shuttle bus between the terminals but it does take a while. The train is super fast but will cost you. I am not sure if they will charge you to exit and re-enter. I would go to the gate attendant and ask to just pop upstairs and leave your bag before continuing your journey.

  3. In March I am arriving at Sydney domestic terminal about 11am and depart International at 8pm same day. I would like to go into the city but don’t want to lug my baggage with me. Can you offer any advice?

    Thank you and Kind regards, Ian

  4. I’m heading to Sydney to get plane from Central Coast. But plane to meet a friend in sydney cbd for lunch as not flying till late in day. Can i leave my suitcase at Central for a few hours?

  5. Yes Jodie, there is luggage storage at Sydney Airport. Not sure how expensive it would be for three days. It is operated by Smarte Carte, there is a link in the post above. I suggest you contact them directly. Sorry about the delay in responding. I was returning from a trip to Greece and was offline for 2 days. For the record, it’s usually faster to post your question to the Facebook group where lots of members can help directly.

  6. is there luggage storage at sydney airport as I am traveling to Cairns for 3 days then back to sydney to fly to states. I dont want to have to check all my luggage in and out of cairns…..any suggestions?

  7. Hi Viviana The city traffic will be very bad at 8pm on June 15th however if you have kids and luggage I think you really do need to take a taxi or arrange a transfer via your hotel. I would actually contact them directly regarding road closures and traffic arrangements as these seem to be changing a bit this week depending on conditions. I am sure they will have the most up to date information. Taxis will most likely be able to go directly up to the hotel entry.

  8. I will arrive at sydney on friday 15 june 2018 around 8pm. I will stay at Four Seasons hotel at george street, during to Vivid Sydney, what transportation should i use from airport to my hotel, is there will be a road closure or traffic jam around that time? Really worry about it, because i am bring my kids with me with many big luggages. Please give me advise. Thankyou

  9. Staying in Sydney for 3 days then flying to Cairns to see Barrier Reef, staying at Novotel in Darling Harbour. Can I store our suitcases for 2 days near by ? The places mention earlier are they still in business

  10. Can you tell me if there is a suitcase storage near the cruise ship terminal ?

  11. Hi Peter
    Sadly I have just discovered they are not at the old location and I can’t find any new contact details so I will have to remove them. I will update the article today. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. I am sorry to hear that Martin. Lots of th students where I work use Smartecarte all the time with no problem but it’s good to know that Wake Up offer luggage storage. Do you know if it is available to people who have not stayed there?

  13. Can I strongly suggest people store anywhere but smartcarte. Rude people, poor service, overpriced and they get you with extra fees if you happen to be a little over the time in which you said you’ll be back (I’m talking even ten minutes). I also had broken valuables when I picked up my bag even after I had told them it was fragile. I know luggage storage is rare around the CBD but I found that ‘wake up’, a hostel outside Central station store your things for you. It’s only down the road and I’ve had better experiences storing my bag there than at smartcarte Central.

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