Sydney Go & IVenture Passes – do they save you money? [2024]

If you are thinking about buying a Sydney Go or iVenture pass to help keep the cost of attractions down when you visit Sydney, you might be wondering if they really do offer savings. Well, lots of people have been asking in our Facebook Group, so we have gone and done the research for you (and it took ages!). Read on to see what we discovered. 

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The top Sydney Passes

If you’re in a hurry and don’t really want to read over the detailed advice below. Here are, in our experience, the best Sydney Passes currently available in 2024.

  1. Best Sydney Pass for the iconic sites Sydney Go City Card
  2. Best Pass for locals The Entertainment app has the most offers
  3. Best pass for familiesMerlin’s Sydney Attraction Pass
  4. Best Budget Traveller pass Entertainment App 3 month pass
  5. Best pass for action activities Sydney Go City Card has surfing, walking and running tours and more.

Read on for full notes on each pass and how they work below.

Types of Passes in Sydney

Two main passes designed for visitors are available for use in Sydney. These offer discounts across a range of attractions both in the city and in other key tourist spots like the Blue Mountains and South Coast.

The two passes are:

  • iVenture Card (27 attractions/tours) – Choose 3, 5, or 7 attractions/tours
  • Go Sydney Pass (25 attractions/tours) – Choose 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 attractions/ tours

The cards offer similar conditions:

  • Once you activate these passes are valid for 60 days (Go City) or 90 days (iVenture)
  • Both offer apps for paperless use or vouchers you can exchange for cards on arrival in Sydney

Then there is the Entertainment App Membership which is targeted at locals but also very handy for visitors who are here for more than a few days.

This app has well over $20,000 worth of value in the form of up to 50% off deals and 2-for-1 offers. It covers 15,000 venues across Australia and New Zealand and include restaurants and cafes as well as activities and attractions. You can buy 3, 12 or 24 month memberships for one or more cities.

  • Passes can be activated up to 90 days after purchase
  • Passes can be installed on up to 5 devices

The Entertainment App is a great choice for locals or anyone who plans on dining out a lot during their visit.

A harbour cruise is an option on all passes

It’s essential to consider which specific attractions you want to see rather than choose the card with the biggest number of attractions on offer. There are some key differences between these passes, so we have put them together in a table. This will help you to compare what’s included in each one quickly and easily.

Attractions on multiple passes

AttractionGo SydneyiVentureEntertainment App (BYGOF)*
Sealife AquariumYYY
Sydney Tower EyeYYY
Wildlife ZooYYY
Madame TussaudsYYY
Maritime MuseumYYY
Opera House TourYYN
Jet Boat YYY
Adventure Clues walksXXN
Hop on hop off cruiseYYY
Sydney True Crime Tour YYY
Harbour Sightseeing CruiseYYY 50% off
Bonza Bike Tour/HireY (4 hrs)Y (4 hrs)Y (full day)
Hop on hop off Blue MtnsYYNo
Featherdale Wildlife YYNo
*BYGOF: Buy on get one free or 25-50% for multiple guests

Here’s where the decisions come in.

  • If you are on a quick visit to Sydney and just want this main sites any of these will get you a wildlife park, harbour cruise and a tour of the Opera House.
  • If you like walking and culture tours, you would probably get better use from the Go Sydney card.
  • If you plan to visit several museums then the Entertainment app is your best bet.
  • If you plan on dining and are travelling with a family, the Entertainment App will be the best value.

Attractions only on some passes 

AttractionGo City iVentureEntertainment
Taronga Zoo + CruiseYNN
Chinese GardenNYN
Madame TussardsYNY
Oz Whale WatchingNYN
Surf Lesson YNY (30%)
Harbour Sights Running TourYNN
Surf Ski Paddle Lesson NYY
Sydney Archery at BondiNYN
Sydney Tower EyeYNY
Urban Winery SydneyYNN
Sydney Hop on hop off busYNY
Sydney’s Razor Gang True Crime TourYNN
Haunted Sydney Ghost Tour YNY
Calmsley Hill City Farm SydneyNYY
Sunset Views with 3-Course Set MenuYNY
Blue Mountains Stargazing TourYNN
Bygone Beautys Teapot MuseumNYN
Mogo Wildlife Park (Sth Coast) YNN
Hunter Valley Wildlife Park YNN

Both pass operators offer Flexi cards with 3, 5 and 7 attraction options.  Go Sydney also provides a 4-day option.

 App3 attractions4 attractions5 attractions7 attractions
Go Sydney$114$154$194$249
Entertainment $29 for 3 mths $69 for 12 mths$119 for 24 mths $39 multi city

iVenture also has the Sydney Unlimited Attractions Pass  that allows you to visit as many attractions as you can in 2, 3 or 5 days

  • 2 days $199
  • 3 days $269                     
  • 5 days $399

Buy an iVenture pass

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Alternatively, the Entertainment App allows you to buy 3, 12 or 24 month memberships. The app incudes hundreds of atttraction and dining offers.

The Entertainment Book has been sold across Australia for over 20 years. These days its an app-based digital membership, offering discounts on dining, travel, shopping, beauty and accommodation from more than 15,000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

These memberships are sold by the city. When you buy a membership for one city, you can purchase another city for a much-reduced rate so these can be great value if you are visiting a few cities.

The Entertainment App deals include lots of tourist attractions, sporting events and hire, fine dining and cafes, take away restaurants and even cinemas and day spas.

There are discounts for hotels and car hire too. Generally, there is at least 20% off or buy one get one free (BOGOF).  I have personally had one of these for years and get great value out of all the dining options.

Examples of the way you could use this book to save money in Sydney are:

AttractionsType of discountSaving
Rocks walkBOGOF$32
Sydney TowerBOGOF$33
Madame TussaudsBOGOF$48
Sydney SeaLifeBOGOF$38.50
Wildlife SydneyBOGOF$48
Manly Kayak Centre20% OFF$10
Manly Bike tourBOGOF$38
Sydney JetBOGOF$89
Capt Cook HOHO ferry25% off (4 ppl)$12.50
Rocks Ghost TourBOGOF$39
* Savings based on two people

If you wanted to do all these things you would pay $70 for the app plus $430 for the activities  a total of $500 = value $1000. Then you could also add some dining of fast food and coffee options.

Say you had three days

  1. Sydney Sealife plus Sydney Zoo (am) Manly Kayak hire (pm)
  2. Rocks Walking tour (am) Sydney Tower (sunset) Rocks Ghost Tour (evening)
  3. Harbour Jet Cruise, (am) Bonza Bike Tour (afternoon)

Total cost for two adults without Entertainment App – $675
Total cost for two adults with Entertainment App $337 (+$29 for the app) two adults – saving – $309

Buy your Entertainment membership now

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The best-known multi-attraction pass is the Sydney Attraction Pass offered by Merlin Entertainment. This pass is a good winter option when you are looking for more indoor activities or if you are travelling with kids.

See the sharks at sealife Sydney
Sydney Aquarium

This pass covers the following Merlin properties:

  • Sealife Sydney
  • Wildlife Sydney Zoo
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Sydney Tower Eye – with or without the skywalk.

You can buy multi tickets to combine any two attractions ($60) three attractions ($75) or four attractions ($85) of these at a reduced price compared to single admissions. You can also buy annual family passes that cover their other Australian locations. These are cheaper booked online.  It will cost you more in person.

Madane Tussauds Sydney
Snap a pic with Olivia (or Sandy)

Book a Merlin attractions pass

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So while we may have done some of the work, this is just the starting point.  I suggest you use these tables to work out which attractions you want to visit and then armed with that see which pass will be cheaper for your situation.

These are our opinions, we suggest you double-check your own needs.

  • For families, we think the Entertainment book is the best bet if you consider the meal deals and fast food savings it can really add up to significant savings. They also have several deals that are valid for 4-10 people so good for groups.
  • If you are travelling solo, then the buy one get one free model of the Entertainment app will be no use, and the other Flexi cards with their 30-day validity work out best.
  • If you are into activities like bikes, surfing and walking tours then consider a Go Sydney pass.
  • Another consideration is the simplicity of the iVenture and Go Sydney options – you can pay for everything before you leave home and not need to worry about currency on arrival.

Buy your Go Sydney Pass

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We hope this helps you determine if a Sydney attraction pass is the best choice for you. Personally we buy the Entertainment app with a 12 month membership and use it regularly for dining.

I also think the Go Sydney pass is good value but I would not personally buy the iVenture card because I feel its offers are padded out with self guided app based tours rather than actual experiences.

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  2. As I have a family and hope to get to Sydney in the next couple of years, the goSydney would suit us. Great ideas here and enough to keep the children entertained.

  3. I wasn’t aware of the Sydney Passes, so this is great. When we make our way down there as a family, I’ll definitely look into them if we decide to do a fair amount of activities. Thanks for all of the comparative info.

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  5. I agree that the Living Museums are really interesting and $24 is really good to visit all these places. I’ve seen most of them but I didn’t know about the pass though, thank you for sharing.

  6. I’m leaning towards the iVenture Card as it has 33 attractions, versus only 25 with the Go Sydney Pass. I wouldn’t go with the Entertainment App as it doesn’t include a tour of the Opera House, which I want to do. Thanks for the research.

  7. Thanks for sharing this comprehensive comparison ! I prefer to travel at a slower pace, and enjoy comfort, convenience and some occasional luxury. I think Entertainment app is best for my style. Will consider this when I get to visit Sydney ! =)

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