17 Beautiful Picnic Spots in the Blue Mountains

Today we share our favourite picnic spots in the Blue Mountains, from the traditional picnic areas great for families to secluded spots perfect for a romantic lunch. A Blue Mountains picnic is a budget-friendly way to spend a day out of Sydney.

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The Blue Mountains are full of fantastic lookouts, great hikes and plenty of things to do but sometimes, all you want to do is find the perfect picnic spot. Well, you will be spoilt for choice up here. Sydneysiders have been heading this way for picnics since the 1920s; there are plenty of lovely areas to choose from.

Spend hours on your picnic blanket soaking up the views, or add in a couple of short walks to round out your day; the choice is yours.

Consider taking one of the Greater Blue Mountain drives before or after your picnic.

Our favourite picnic spots in the Blue Mountains

Many of the Blue Mountains Region’s picnic areas are inside national parks, so you can’t take your four-legged friend. However, there are several local parks and reserves where dogs are welcome, clearly marked below.

Our list contains a mix of the traditional table and bench setups and flat rocks or green spaces where you throw down a blanket.

If you have not packed a picnic from home, we recommend the following shops:

  • Leura Gourmet Deli – 159 Leura Mall, Leura – all the goodies you could need for a gourmet picnic basket
  • Bakehouse on Wentworth – in Springwood, Leura and Blackheath – sourdough and pastries.
  • Hominy Bakery – Katoomba Street, Katoomba for pastries
  • Aldi – Waratah St Katoomba – Cheeses, nuts, and cold cuts at budget prices.

Picnic spots near Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls Lake

Once an old railway dam, Wentworth Falls Lake is now a popular picnic spot for locals and visitors.

Wentworth Falls Lake Picnic Area
Wentworth Falls Lake offers undercover BBQs.

This is an ideal choice if you have young kids. With two playgrounds and a flat 3.5km track around the lake that is perfect for a stroller walk, wheelchair user or children cycling.

You can also swim or kayak in the lake; there is a small jetty making access easy. The council check water quality twice a week, so unless you see warning signs, you’re good to go!

Everything you need for an outdoor meal with plenty of seating, undercover barbeque facilities and accessible toilets. A new playground is under construction and is sure to make this popular Blue Mountains picnic spot even more so.

Tip: Grab some treats from Bakery Patisserie Schwarz on Blaxland Road near the station. They do a fabulous meat pie!

The lake is easy to get to and just off the Great Western Highway, and there is usually plenty of free parking unless you visit at lunchtime on a nice warm day that is 😉

  • Public transport rating: It’s a 4-minute walk from the 685 bus stop or a 1km walk from Wentworth Falls Station.
  • Wheel Friendly: Yes
  • BBQs: yes 2 x free electric BBQs with shelters
  • Dog friendly: Yes, dogs on leash are welcome
  • Playground: Yes

Location: Sinclair Cresent Wentworth Falls – open Google map

Tip: There is often a food truck here that makes a decent coffee!

Wentworth Falls Picnic Area

You will find the spacious Wentworth Falls picnic areas opposite Jamison lookout in the Blue Mountains National Park.

Several picnic tables, some undercover, are a short walk from the main car park. There is an accessible walkway from the parking areas to both the toilets and the picnic area.

Wentworth Falls Picnic Area
Wentworth Falls Picnic area

There are no mountains views from the picnic tables, but it’s a lovely shaded spot and quite contained for keeping young kids safe.

Wentworth falls is an excellent choice for completing a couple of walks before or after lunch. Most people can manage the walk to the view of the top of the falls easily, and there is also an accessible lookout of the valley view nearby.

Tip: Take the walk

  • Public transport rating: Not great but doable – the 685 bus stops are about 10 minutes away.
  • Wheel Friendly: Yes, from the car park and accessible toilet
  • BBQs: Yes
  • Dogs allowed: No
  • Playground: No

Location: Sir H Burrell Dr Wentworth Falls – open Google map

Valley of the Waters Picnic Area

A few minutes away from Wentworth Falls, the Valley of the Waters picnic area is right by Conservation Hut.

There are a couple of tables just to the side of the road, not exactly picturesque, but lookouts and waterfalls are just minutes away. This is the starting point for walks ranging from easy to super challenging.

There are also some tables a little further down the track that are more hidden from the road.

Tip: The Valley of the Waters walk is one of the most beautiful rainforest walks in the mountains. However, it is not an easy walk and is best suited to those with reasonable fitness levels.

  • Public transport rating: Easy- the 685 bus stops about 3 mins walk away
  • Wheel Friendly: There is an accessible toilet at Conversation Hut
  • BBQs: No
  • Dog-friendly: No
  • Playground: No

Location: Fletcher Street Wentworth Falls – Open Google map

Lincoln Rock

Lincoln Rock is a great sunset picnic spot, but you are unlikely to have it to yourself. This area, also known as flat rock, became Instafamous in recent years.

Lincoln Rock Flat Rock in the Blue Mountains
Lincoln Rock Lookout – There is plenty of flat rock here, so you don’t need to get too close to the edge

It’s an incredible view, to be sure, but its increasing popularity somewhat lessens its appeal. Looking out over the Kings Tableland, the vista seems to go forever.

Secret Picnic Spot: For something a little more private, perhaps a romantic proposal, this spot we found a few years back, courtesy of a local Reddit thread, is fantastic.

Drive down nearby Tableland Road until you reach Kedumba Valley Road. Not far past the abandoned Queen Victoria Sanitorium, you will find some flat rocky areas with outstanding views and likely not a soul about.

Directions: You can see the exact location here.

  • Public transport rating: difficult – it’s a very long walk from the train station.
  • Wheel Friendly: No
  • BBQs: No
  • Dog-friendly: Yes
  • Playground: No

Location: Switzerland Drive – Open Google map location

Picnic spots near Leura

Sublime Point Lookout

Sublime Point Lookout is very popular at sunset; the views here are among the most scenic you will find in the Jamison Valley.

Rocky ledge near sublime point in Leura
Rocky ledge near Sublime Point in Leura

About 100m or so from the car park you will find a couple of basic tables and a picnic shelter, but other facilities are minimal. This area is not fenced, so it’s probably not the best choice for families with younger children.

Tip: There is no freshwater here, so bring plenty with you.

Secret picnic spot: If you want to get away from it all, there is a large flat rock to the left of the popular lookout for romantic picnics, but it is not fenced, so be very careful.

  • Public transport rating: Difficult
  • Wheel Friendly: No
  • BBQs: No
  • Dog-friendly: No
  • Playground: No

Location: – open Google map location

Gordon Falls Reserve

Gordon Falls Picnic area is perfectly positioned for a post-walk lunch with a lookout to Gordon Falls and Lyrebird Dell, just a short walk from the reserve.

Located just off Prince Henry Cliff Walk, it makes a pleasant break after the Grand Clifftop Walk from Leura, which takes you past Lyrebird Dell and the Pool of Siloam.

The walk is closed north of here, so this is the perfect lunch break before continuing via the footpath or calling it a day.

Historic Blue Mountains Picnic shelter at Gordon Falls
There are a couple of these old picnic shelters at Gordon Reserve

Along with standard seating, you will see a couple of these historic cave-like picnic shelters that remain scattered around the mountains. There are also some at Govert’s Leap, Pulpit Rock and Wentworth Falls.

Tip: Take some time to explore the memorials to soldiers who served at Lone Pine just a couple of metres from the reserve.

  • Public transport rating: No, a 2km from Leura Station, although there is a HOHO stop nearby
  • Wheel Friendly: Yes – a path from the car park to some tables.
  • BBQs: 1 electric BBQ
  • Dog-friendly: yes
  • Playground: yes

Please note: Prince Henry Cliff Walk is closed in two places, between Leura Cascades Round Walk and Leura Cascades picnic area, and between Gordon Falls lookout and Olympian lookout, because of landslides and repairs. Check this site before planning any walks here.

Location: 16-26 Lone Pine Ave, Leura – Open Google map location

Lyrebird Dell Picnic Area

These picnic tables below can be found just near Lyrebird Dell, a pretty waterfall in Leura. Head here mid-week, and it seems like one of the most secluded spots in the mountains; however, weekends can be different.

It’s just a short walk from Gordon Falls Reserve, so if you decide you want to get away from it all and eat your picnic lunch in a more secluded spot, put on your hiking shoes – this is a great choice.

Lyrebird Dell Picnic Spots
Two tables under a rock overhand make this a lovely cool summer picnic spot.

I am not sure when the tables appeared, but the cave was a shelter for local Aboriginal people for at least 12,000 years.

Pretty waterfall – secluded midweek and one of our favourite spots in the mountains.

  • Public transport rating: No – You will need to walk about there is a HOHO stop nearby.
  • Wheel Friendly: No
  • BBQs: No
  • Dog-friendly: No
  • Playground: No

Location: 36 Gordon Road (off Leura Oval) Leura – Open Google map location

Picnic Spots near Katoomba

Lilianfels Park

The closest picnic spot to the Three Sisters, this park offers plenty of shade and several picnic tables. There are also a couple of the old picnic shelters here too.

The Road Builders Memorial Katoomba
The Road Builders Memorial in Katoomba

Tip: Just 100m past the park, along Panorama Drive, is Lady Darley’s Lookout. Only 200m from the road, it is a worthwhile diversion with an unusual sandstone rock formation and a fantastic view down the Kedumba Valley.

  • Public transport rating: yes – bus stops nearby
  • Wheel Friendly: Yes
  • BBQs: No
  • Dog-friendly: Yes
  • Playground: No

Location: 23 Echo Point Rd, Katoomba – Open Google map location

Katoomba Falls/Katoomba Cascades

Just a short drive from Scenic World, Katoomba Falls Reserve makes a good stopover for a picnic lunch before you take the Katoomba Cascades walk.

There are a few spots to choose from here. The first, Katoomba Falls Reserve, is right by the caravan park and includes a children’s playground and picnic tables. It has a suburban feel, with plenty of room for kids to run around safely.

The entry to Katoomba Falls Lookout and Prince Henry Cliff walk is directly across the road behind the Katoomba Falls Kiosk. There is relatively easy access from the car park to the falls, but there are some stairs.

Prince Henry Cliff Walk - start
This short staircase is all the stands between you and the cascades
Katoomba Cascades
Katoomba Cascades is a lovely tranquil spot

A little further along Cliff Drive is Maple Grove Park, with a huge grassed area with plenty of tables on both sides of the road. There is almost direct access to the Katoomba Cascades without much walking at all.

Katoomba Cascades picnic
There are a couple of tables at the end of the walk right above Katoomba Cascades.

There were a couple of benches down by the lookout, and on a quiet weekday, you could sit here by the waterfall and enjoy your lunch. I found it hard to leave on my recent visit – it really is a relaxing view.

  • Public transport rating: yes, public bus stops at Katoomba Falls Reserve
  • Wheel Friendly: Yes
  • BBQs: 2 covered electric BBQs
  • Dog-friendly: Yes
  • Playground: Yes

Location: Our choice is Maple Grove Reserve at 102B Cliff Dr, Katoomba – open Google map

Narrow Neck Lookout

If you are looking for a quick, easy place to eat lunch, Narrow Neck lookout has a couple of picnic tables overlooking the valley. It is also a stop on the HOHO bus.

Narrow Neck lookout has a picnic table
There is one picnic table at Narrow Neck lookout.

There are no facilities other than the tables, but it’s a pleasant spot to eat a quick sandwich and take in the view.

Secret Picnic Spot: If you are looking for a romantic picnic spot, drive down Glenraphael Drive to the Narrow Neck trail to the locked gate. Continue along the trail past the Golden Stairs turn off; 100 m along the path, you will find a turnoff on the right. It’s a small track, but just a short way along, you will find a rock ledge with stunning views and enough space for a picnic blanket. We got this tip from a tour guide, and it’s a beauty!

  • Public transport rating: Not great
  • Wheel Friendly: Yes
  • BBQs: No
  • Dog-friendly: Yes, at the top lookout
  • Playground: No

Location: – open Google map location

Peckmans Plateau

One of the more secluded picnic spots on our list – you will most likely see it in Blue Mountains picnic shots on Instagram. You will find a small sign and unsealed track leading off Cliff Drive near Brougham Street. It’s just a little further on than Cahill Lookout.

There are no facilities here at all. Just a nice flat piece of rock, views of Radiata Plateau and Nellie’s Glen and most likely plenty of solitude.

Location: – open Google map location

Picnic spots near Blackheath and beyond

There are plenty of shops in Blackheath where you can pick up some takeaway sandwiches if you have not packed a picnic lunch.

Evans and Valley View Lookout

Often overlooked for Govett’s Leap, we prefer the view and the relative peace you find at Evans Lookout, which is just a couple of minutes off the Great Western Highway before Blackheath.

Evans Lookout sitting area in Blackheath
Sit at a picnic table or have your picnic right here at the lookout

There are picnic tables here, but I prefer to eat my lunch at the lookout itself.

  • Public transport rating: No, it’s a long walk from any transport
  • Wheel Friendly: surfaces are not flat – Govett Leap is a better choice
  • BBQs: No
  • Dog-friendly: No
  • Playground: No

Location: – open Google map location

An old stone building alongside a dirt track at Evans Lookout in The Blue Mountains in Australia
These old rock shelters can be found at Evans Lookout and Govetts Leap

Govetts Leap Lookout and Picnic shelters

Govetts Leap is currently closed for renovation

With picturesque views of the sandstone cliffs across the Grose Valley and a large car park, Govetts Leap is a brilliant choice for a picnic at Blackheath. There are plenty of tables and some lovely shaded spots.

The Blue Mountains Heritage Centre is just a short drive away- they have a small gift shop and restrooms.

  • Public transport rating: Bus stops about 10 minutes walk away
  • Wheel Friendly: yes
  • BBQs: No
  • Dog-friendly: No
  • Playground: No

Location: – open Google map location

Pulpit Rock

The fantastic views at Pulpit Rock require some effort to reach, with lots of stairs between the top of the valley and this amazing lookout. That just means you can indulge at lunchtime, right 😉

Pulpit Rock Lookout Blackheath
This narrow rock juts out over the Grose Valley, giving 270-degree views.

After you have taken in the view, make your way back up the staircase to the old picnic shelters that line the track towards the top – on a recent tour we did, the guide prepared our lunch, a beautiful homemade soup, while we walked down and back.

Check the latest updates before planning your visit – this area is currently closed with paths being restored

Location: – open Google map location

Blackheath Memorial Park

A more traditional setting, this park in Blackheath is a great choice for an extended family picnic as the facilities are first class, and there are plenty of things to keep kids entertained.

Among them is a duck pond, playground, swimming pool and plenty of lovely shaded areas.

Tip: There are toilets here, but they have a pretty bad cleanliness rating.

  • Public transport rating: Easy, a short walk from Blackheath Station
  • Wheel Friendly: No
  • BBQs: yes, electric
  • Dog-friendly: yes
  • Playground: yes, kids will love the giant red rocket slide

Location: – open Google map location

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens

Also known as the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden, Mount Tomah is one place you will have no trouble finding a picnic spot. Make your way along the paths until you find an area that appeals.

Mount Tomah Picnic Blue Mountains
Follow one of the paths to the bottom of the gardens and choose a spot to sit.

For a more private spot, head to the picnic area in Heath and Heather garden; many visitors don’t get that far.

  • Public transport rating: Not possible
  • Wheel Friendly: yes,
  • BBQs: yes
  • Dog-friendly: No
  • Playground: No

Location: – open Google map location

FAQ about planning a Blue Mountains Picnic

Have we missed anything? Check out these FAQs, and if you don’t find what you need, head over to our Facebook group, we will do our best to answer you.

Are there any good picnic spots lower Blue Mountains?

There sure are. You don’t need to drive to the top of the mountain to find the perfect spot to spread out your picnic blanket.

Where are the best secluded picnic spots Blue Mountains?

Looking to propose in the mountains? Want a calm spot away from the crowds? Check out the secret spots we included above, particularly Peckman’s Plateau, Narrow Neck trail and the site near Queen Victoria Sanitorium.

Where are the best picnic spots for those who can’t walk far or use a wheelchair?

I would choose either Wentworth Falls, Wentworth Lake, Gordon Falls or Katoomba Cascades.

Our guide to travelling to the Blue Mountains by train will be helpful for those without a car.

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