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Sydney in September

September heralds the beginning of spring and after a few quiet months where we all tend to hide indoors, the events start coming thick and fast. People are happy to be out and about again enjoying the slightly warmer weather.

Sydney in December

December in Sydney signals the start of Summer. Days are long and warm with perfect swimming weather. Afternoon storms are not uncommon and while you might see more rainy days than you would like, it’s not cold and rain rarely

Sydney in November

The last four weeks of spring see the city enjoying some of the loveliest weather of the year. It is also Jacaranda season when a purple haze covers the footpaths of many Sydney suburbs. No huge events mean prices in

Sydney in October

Spring is in full bloom in October, in Sydney and the weather is generally lovely. Warm but not hot, and with daylight saving beginning on 6 October the days get even longer. The second Monday in October is a public

Sydney in September

September heralds the beginning of spring and the outdoor events start coming thick and fast as people are happy to be out and about again. This month sees the official beginning of swimming season but really only the bravest locals

Sydney in August

Finally the last month of winter! By most peoples standards a Sydney winter is pretty mild but if you are travelling here this month you will want to pack a warm coat or jacket. There is plenty happening this month

Sydney in July

July is a bit of a mixed bunch weatherwise, it’s cold but often the skies are lovely and blue. Snow is falling on Mount Kosciusko and very rarely closer to Sydney in the Blue Mountains and Orange. The first half

Sydney in June

The beginning of winter, shorter days and colder nights, but we still get blue skies and sunny days. What used to be the quietest month of the year has over the last decade become a pretty busy time in the

Sydney in May

May sees Sydney fast marching toward winter, which begins next month. the days are shorter, the temperatures begin to drop and it’s unlikely you will be swimming outdoors this month. Visiting in May can be great value for money with

Sydney in April

April is usually holiday month in Australia when Easter and Anzac Day meet the first term break resulting in lots of people having time off work. Temperatures continue to decrease and rain is not unusual. We have stopped camping at

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