15 Tips for Backpacking in Sydney

ManlyBeach Sydney Australia byHolly

We asked some travel writers to share their best tips about backpacking in Sydney. Below, they have covered the best hostels and a bunch of cheap but fabulous things to do in Sydney. We hope these tips will help you save some money and have a great time on your trip. Some basics for backpacking in … Read more

Advice for your Working Holiday in Sydney

Over 125,000 people aged between 18-30 travel to Australia on Working Holiday visas each year. Today we have put together our top tips to help you save money while you are travelling and working in Australia.  You can find out if you are eligible to apply for a working holiday visa here.  If you are in planning … Read more

Finding Free WiFi in Sydney

Finding free wifi in Sydney is not too difficult. However, it seems strange, but you are more likely to find free wi-fi in your $20 dorm room than in a 5-star hotel. Below is a list of free internet in Sydney. Let me know if you have found any places I have missed.  When I first … Read more

Classic Australian Children’s Books

Australian Childrens Book list

If you’re travelling to Australia with your family in tow, it might be a good idea to give the young ones something to distract them from the long flights and long waits that accompany 21st Century travel. What about an Australian children’s book to help them learn more about the place you are about to … Read more

A Classic Aussie Playlist: the hits Aussie love to sing along to

Australian Music

We pulled together this classic Aussie playlist after polling the Sydney Expert Facebook community for their favourite Australian songs, and we were impressed by their passion. We had so many suggestions we can’t include them all here however we have added all their favourites to both Spotify and Youtube playlists (links below) for you to … Read more