How to Save Money on a Trip to Sydney

view from circular quay station sydney

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Sydney on a Budget – 5 Tips on Making Your Dollar Go Further

Sydney has finally made it to the top 10 of the most expensive cities in the world. There is no denying it; this is an expensive place to visit, right up there with London, Rome and Zurich. Don’t let that be a reason to take a holiday in Sydney off you bucket list. You can still have an affordable holiday here, you just need to plan well and learn some of the insider secrets on how you can save money while you are here. Today I am going to show you some ways to trim your budget on your Aussie holiday.

1. Do not visit in School holidays or at Christmas and New Year

Unless you have a free bed visiting Sydney at these times is expensive. Hotels, particularly in the city centre up their prices and impose limited stay rules, even coastal caravan parks charge more than New York city hotels. If you do want to be here in during the holidays plan as far ahead as you can.  New Year’s Eve accommodation begins to fill up in August!

2. Use public transport

view from circular quay station sydney

Locals whine constantly about our public transport system and yes it is light years behind Singapore’s but for visitors it is a great option. Inner city transport works well, especially outside peak times and while the ticketing system is confusing if you are here for more than a few days just grab yourself a MyMuilti1 and ride away on all buses, ferries and inner circle trains till your heart’s content.

The biggest bargain of all is for those with a least 1 child under 16. Sunday Fun-day allows the whole family to travel anywhere in the Sydney train network for $2.50 each – even the Blue Mountains!

3. The best things in Sydney are actually free

Botanic Gardens Sydney

The Royal Botanic Gardens, our gorgeous beaches, walking across the bridge, exploring the historic Rocks streets, the Art Gallery of NSW and the harbour-side walks all cost nada. There is even a free 2-3 hour guided tour you can join. Check out my walks articles on the best walks in Sydney to get you started,

4. Stay away from convenience stores and inner-city takeaways.

The CBD is home to at least 4 hidden supermarkets and Paddy’s Market at Haymarket. These are great places to stock up on snacks and drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables and all the other essentials you will need for your holiday.
There are also some very cheap Asian food courts like Hunter Connection or the Dixon Centre in Chinatown where you can buy lunch for $5-6 even cheaper after 2pm

5. Grab all the free Sydney guides

Free Sydney Guidebooks
Make sure you pick up all the free guide booklets at the airport and your hotel lobby, especially the ones aimed at backpackers. These feature lots of discount entry tickets, as much as 30% off.  A quick look today and I found vouchers for Taronga Zoo, Featherdale Wildlife Park and Sydney Tower ranging from 10-25%. There are also ads highlighting where you will find cheap pub dinners and cut price drinks.

So there you have it – my top tips for making your dollar go further in Sydney.  If you have a tip for saving money you would like to share please tell us below.

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